The Baddest Shelby Ever
2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake VS 427 Cobra Shootout - The Baddest Shelby Ever


Is the 750hp ’11 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Better Than the Legendary 427 Cobra? HotRod Magazine put them on the Track and the Street To Find Out!

Cobra. To anyone with horsepower in his veins and a lust for speed, that word means one thing: The 427 Shelby Cobra. It’s the epitome of American overkill, a car built by racer Carroll Shelby in the mid-’60s from an English sports car stuffed full of FE Ford and unleashed on streets and racetracks around the world. In its history, the Cobra has spanked Corvettes, Porsches, and numerous European exotics, and its I’ll punch you in the face and kick you in a nards and laugh about it looks have solidified it as the definition of a badass car. But we think Shelby has outdone himself.

The ’11 Shelby GT500 Super Snake is a hot-rodded GT500 Mustang. The base GT500 already has Shelby insignias all over it, and a 540hp, blown, 5.4L, DOHC motor under the hood makes it plenty fast. But if it’s still not fast enough, for another $34,245 the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas will turn it into a true fire-breather that makes 750 hp at the crank and looks tough and it comes with a factory warranty.

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The 750 hp motor is not covered by a warranty from FORD or SHELBY . To much motor and other drivetrain parts . You break it . It,s yours . FORD and SHELBY have stated there is no warranty on this powerfull of a car . C . L . Wave
It's hard to blame them for that policy; these cars are likely to be abused unless they just sit around with a collector gathering dust!
The kind of person that would take something like the Cobra or the Super Snake and hide them away. Should Be Shot at Sunrise! Attn Ol Carroll put it best. When asked what he thought about "His" cars becomming museum pieces, He said Hell! we didn't build them to be museum pieces, we built them to drive the "Hell" out of them. All i can say is well put "father" of all things Fast and Baddassed!!!! Bow JTS 71 Mach1

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