Mach 1 Hood Blackout - Hood Stripe Info from 64 to 73
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The 3-piece template that Ford used to paint the argent or black on the ram-air hoods could have been placed differently by the painters at the Dearborn and Metuchen assembly plants. ('71-'73 cars) The foregoing article states that the narrow border stripe should be 3" from the leading edge of the hood, and that the side edges begin at 5 1/2" at the rear of the hood, and taper to 6" at the curve near the scoops. This was not the case when I took measurements off my Dad's '72, which also had factory paint (dark green with argent). The stripes running length-wise were 5 1/2" from the hood's side edges all the way from the rear to the curve near the scoops, and was 2" away from the leading edge of the hood. These same measurements (the latter ones) were also evident on several other cars I have seen, both original, and restored examples.
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