Ford, Google Working On Cars That Predict, Adapt To Driving Habits
I don't like this. Only reason is I have a Navigator that learns my driving habits, the 2006 Mustang does as well.
I had to have a module replaced in my Navigator, cost 430.00 plus labor. I was under warranty. I know its considered technological advancement but I don't like how we drive less and the car drives more. I don't know, I guess I'm just to old school.
Also the Cloud Based System is just another way for them to steal your privacy, it is also going to be part of Microsoft Windows 8 Loser.


Just like the prevention of forest fires, improving your vehicle’s efficiency and fuel economy falls squarely upon you — the way you drive, when you drive, and where you drive all factor into how much fuel your vehicle drinks. Ford thinks a bit of technology could help, and as a result, the automaker has partnered with Google to use the search engine giant’s Prediction API to the vehicle adapt to your habits.

Although the idea is still in its infancy, the partnership theoretically allows Ford to collect data about your vehicular use, including when you drive, how far you drive, how long you drive, and where you drive. Over time, the cloud-based system can trace habitual patterns, and optimize various systems for the type of drive.

This could easily be applied to navigation (i.e. a system routes the driver on the most fuel-efficient route), but the Ford/Google system could potentially allow the entire vehicle to adapt to a particular drive cycle. One example Ford provided involves a plug-in hybrid — if a driver faces a long stretch of highway commuting followed by an urban drive cycle, the system could tell the vehicle to run in a matter that preserves battery life/ pure EV operation for the end of the drive cycle.

“The Google Prediction API allows us to utilize information that an individual driver creates over time and make that information actionable,” said Ryan McGee, a technical expert in vehicle controls architecture at Ford. “Once the destination is confirmed, the vehicle would have instant access to a variety of real-time information so it can optimize its performance, even against factors the driver may not be aware of, such as an EV-only zone.”

Although the idea is groundbreaking, Ford isn’t a stranger when it comes to in-car cloud computing. Presently, the company’s Sync multimedia system uses a cloud-based approach primarily for infotainment, allowing users to obtain music information navigation, traffic, and news (i.e. stocks, weather, etc.) data through a data connection. Cloud computing allows for high levels of processing power to be harnessed in the vehicle over a secure high-speed connection, eliminating the need to store all that data within the vehicle.

For the time being, Ford and Google say this idea is still a concept, but both parties are actively working on pushing it into reality. The first step lies with increasing the security of both the data connection and the data storage, given the sensitive nature of the data mined by the system.

What say you — would you like a car that adjusts to your habits, or is the idea a little too Big Brothery for your comfort?
I love my 1973 Mach 1 more and more! I have seriously thought about selling my 2004 F-350 to buy a 1977-1979 F-150 Lariat or 1978-1979 Bronco Lariat. Economy is one thing - privacy (freedom) yet another.
Besides not liking this idea , can you imagine the Gov seizing or demanding these kinds of records ? I can and what would they use it for , I can also have ideas about that . tracking our every move and more comes to mind.
Well its just plain scary what they want to do to us as Americans. I don't understand why people are not more angry in general.

Anyway I wont start.....

Dont look now but your cell phone just clocked you speeding and now the police are on the phone requesting you pull over, immediately! SCo_hmmthink

Has anyone been listening to the Insurance companys talk on TV . They are suggesting that you can save more of your money if you allow them to moniter the car you drive with a tracking device mounted to the car . And the next thing is a CAMERA so the Insurance companys can take photographs of you behind the wheel driving at any time . The goverment will end up with some new laws put in place so the auto maker must follow these laws in the near futher . This is already in the works . So don,t act like you weren,t warned . C . L . USA

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