Ford Boss 302R Mustang Takes Win at Barber

It’s been making waves since it was first announced, now the Ford Mustang B0ss302R racer has earned its first victory, taking the checkered flag at the Grand Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, run at Barber Motorsports Park, in the hands of Multimatic team drivers Scott Maxwell and Joe Foster.

“This is a pretty special victory for us,” said Maxwell,” there is a special legacy in racing the Boss 302R and the amazing job that Parnelli Jones did winning the championship in the Boss.”

He refers of course to the 1970 Trans Am season, when Jones and teammate George Follmer helped give Ford the manufacturer’s title, stealing it from arch rival Chevrolet.

However, just like the old days, the racing Boss will no doubt help increase credibility for the 2012 street version, which starts at $40,995 and packs a 444 horsepower 5.0 liter V-8. By contrast the 1970 street going model was rated at 290 hp with it’s 302 engine and retailed for $3,720 before options.
I love it - the geat stuff that real legends are made of!
That ought to send them Chevy lovers runnin for cover! SSig_number1 JTS 71 Mach1
Just the fact that Chevy took bailout money should have sent them for cover! I will never own a Chevy again. My wife loves the Chevy Camaro of years past, and in fact has owned one nearly every 5 years since 1969 all the way until 2002.
She now drives a Lincoln MKX Laughing

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