Steven Harris
Upgraded to moderator. Thanks Steven Harris for your support. You'll see you have a few other privs than you did before.

Congrats! SSig_number1
Awesome Congrats on the promotion!
Wow! What an honor.

I have owned quite a few cars through the years but I am really enthralled by owning this 1973 Mach 1. I have been a fan of the Mach 1 since 1976 (my first time to see one) and finally have one in my stable.

It is my desire to help others while I travel this same path. While we all have opinions it is my desire to be a help rather than just have a hearing. I am not a Mustang expert - I just love the car and am making a concentrated effort to learn all I can about it's details and differences.

Thank you for the honor.
You have all the necessary qualifications to be a Mustang nut! Laughing
Great job Steve.Keep up the great work.Aint this fun. Jam
Steven Harris has been upgraded to Super Moderator. Not many more privs from what you had as a moderator, but you have been an awesome member so I felt I had to do something for you!
I appreciate all your efforts here my friend! Rockxtreme
Wow, can it get any better than this Cool I just seem to have found a niche that works for me and I am happy to fill it. I wish that I could have my Mach 1 out in the garage so that I could go look at things when people have questions - shoot, I'd like to have a garage. It'll come. Till then it gives me more motivation to research which just adds to my list of things that I wanted to know more about anyway. Life is good - thank you for appreciating my help.

By the way - I have started using the larger text size to help some like Don who commented on the script being harder to read in my choice of the yellow color. I hope that is okay.
Doesn't bother me man, the moderators here pretty much have carte blanche. I also agree with Don it definitely makes it easier to read your posts.
Go Steven you'll be running the place soon Picklewoot
Thank you for the confidence Joe.

Thanks for the congradts Steve O. I haven't been out and about to look for anything lately at our local junk yards but I got you in mind when I get the opportunity. Yesterday I spent my free hours cleaning on the FMX and a 302 I have sitting by.

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