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Hello members, I'd like to let you guys (and gals) know about a website I found which discloses information about pending legislation that affects all of us in the automotive hobby realm. It's called the Sema Action Network, and it's basically a nationwide partnership of car clubs and individual enthusiasts (like you) who work together to impact legislation that affects wheeled hobbyists of all kinds. SEMA puts on those new parts-trends shows in Vegas every year. Their goal is to inform you of "whats coming down the pike" in as far as what might or will affect you (pending legislation or laws). Their website is -type it in and check it out. You can join (it costs nothing) and receive newsletters and e-mail alerts sent directly to your inbox. They even have a window where you can find out what's going on legal-wise in your individual state. Even if you don't want to join, I would enter this website into my "favorites" tab, so you can check what's going on in your state periodically. I have no stake or special interest in this organization, but thought it may be helpful to you. Thanks, gxr02190
Good information! This is particularly useful for letting your car club know what legislation is coming to your state.
I agree nice site.
Nice look out .

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