We are in the process of doing some upgrades to our servers, so if you are experiencing any issues please be patient and keep checking back. Most might not even notice the transition, but members who have slower type internet providers may have to wait until your internet providers servers update internet information. This is beyond our control.

Hopefully the site will feel faster and there will be some additional changes coming as a whole. Hopefully you all will continue supporting Mach1Club.

All things being done are to help security of our servers as well as to protect the information provided by our members.

I will keep you all updated as things progress!

I hope some of the things coming you will like, everything I do is for the members, without you guys here this is all a waste! Jam
No problems encountered yet. Thanks for your dedication to keep the site up to date and user friendly.
Well hopefully I will not be one of the slower internet providers affected. I enjoy the site and thank you for all the work that goes into keeping it up and operating.
Awesome site KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.Without you it wouldnt b possible.BowBowBowBowBowBow
Our server is being upgraded to the newest version of php, so if you experience any glitches that could be what is the issue. Some sites are down during this type of upgrade, however I never want the site down so we are updating and still keeping the site live.
All should be completed by morning, some might not even notice anything.
We had a server glitch last night and it couldnt be fixed all night since my provider is not open 24/7.

Everything should be good. Sorry for the inconvenience. You have no idea have stressed Ive been!! Crazy

I couldn' t get in last night but I figured you would have it up and running soon.
Tried this morning to get on and was turned down. I thought, "Oh no here I go again - no Mach 1 for a week or so". I am glad that was not the case! If I do disappear - well it could be for a number of reasons since I live in Northern Mexico - but let's assume my server is letting me down. I'll be back just as soon as I can!
Steven you live in Mexico? Where abouts? We have a condo in Las Palomas on Sandy Beach, Rocky Point Mexico or near Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Situated along the magnificent Sea of Cortez!
Here's a shot from our balcony. We haven't been there in awhile since our family is nervous about all the drug wars. Also Arizona residents are not on the Mexico good side. Our condo is in a rental pool.
Man I miss it!! Been about a year since we went there.
Sweet condo; that would be hard to stay away from!

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