2012 Shelby GT350 Debuts at 2011 Chicago Auto Show

Just the Facts:

* Shelby will build only 350 copies of the 2012 GT350, including the first convertible version since 1970.
* New body colors for 2012 include red and blue.
* Prices start at $26,995 — not including the car.

CHICAGO — At this week's 2011 Chicago Auto Show, Shelby American pulled the wraps off the 2012 Shelby GT350, which is being offered in a new convertible version for the first time since 1970. Total production of the 2012 GT350 will be limited to 350 units.

Shelby said the basic hardware package is being carried over from the 2011 GT350. Engine choices include a normally aspirated V8 rated at 430 horsepower, as well as supercharged variants that deliver 525 and 624 hp, respectively.

Prices start at $26,995 for the normally aspirated GT350 and $33,995 for the supercharged, not including the cost of the Ford Mustang GT on which the conversion is based.

Color combination's for 2012 include Performance White with blue Le Mans stripes, Race Red with white Le Mans stripes and Kona Blue with white Le Mans stripes. Red and blue are new colors for 2012.

Add $29,995 for the base 2012 Mustang GT coupe or $34,995 for the convertible.

Last year's Chicago Auto Show was a success. And now for this year it would be more exciting because there are 27 new production vehicles which were unveiled at the event. Though typically regarded as more of a consumer-driven show than and industry showcase, the Chicago Auto Show continues to attract larger crowds than any other such event in the nation. It is the largest and the longest running auto show, am I right? The world's car manufacturers have taken notice and plan to introduce many new models at the show. Source for this article: The Chicago Auto Show focuses on consumers. There are plenty of new offerings this year, and the show is happening at a time when things are looking up in the auto industry.
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