Part information??whats that blue box??
Hello !!My 1970 Mach1 has a blue box ,near the parking brake and HI-Low switch, at the floor,wired to
a speed sensor in between the speedo cable,2 vacum hoses connected to that blue box and these hoses a big one and a small one go up in the dash but nothing connected to these hoses?? What is it for??or was it for?? old cruise control ??curios about that box??

Thank you Mustang Fans!!!!

I cant help on this one since I don't know 70 very well. But at least by me replying it will keep your topic at the top of the list.
Don't sit on the passenger side; it could be an ejection seat!! Laughing

I not' sure either, but it sounds like you might be right about it being an aftermarket speed control. If you find out post up the answer and some pics.
Sorry, no help from me either. Currently just have 71-73's in my stable. Someone else will come up with it.
let's see a picture of it.
Im with the rest of the guys I need to see a pic but my theory is cruise either dealer installed or after market.Any part numbers on it? SCo_hmmthink

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