The Forgotten Years

Used with permission Adam Hollis
I was Ford L-M Technician during these years. I have to say that the Mustang II was superior to the Fox body Mustangs that replaced it in 1979. It took many years of tweaking for Ford to take the Fox body from its Fairmont roots to the car it is today.
Good article. I have read some other articles by John Clor about the Mustang II's.

I would like to have a nice Mustang II Mach 1 or King Cobra if I found one at a reasonable price. In 1974 when I bought my 73 convertible from my "then" girlfriend she bought an 74 Mustang II fastback. It was a fund car to drive and was more of a sportscar drive.

jc, thats great insight about the Mustang II's. Off hand, I don't ever remember driving a foxbody Mustang, but my wife had one before we were married. She has mixed emotions about it as it seemed to have a lot of maintenance issues.
I would almost have to agree with John Clor's above comment:

"To many, a Mustang II Mach 1 with T-tops, 302 V-8 and a four speed is the ultimate collectible pony car"

I don't know that it would be "the ultimate" but in that they are so much forgotten, in the years to come there will no doubt be a real hike in value.

So if I can't find the ultimate with the Mach 1 with T-tops, 302 V-8 with a four speed package maybe I could start with a nice fastback and transplant a SVO or Turbo coupe drive-train!

Just thinking.
Great article. My first Mustang was a 1975 Mustang II Ghia. It had the 302 with an automatic. It was bright red, black vinyl top with sunroof and deluxe interior. A Ford executive drove it for the first 2000 miles. I sold it in 1980 for a Mercury Capri 4 cylinder. Price of gas and starting a family made me sell it. It run great and looked great. Someday I will find it again.
Well guys I owned a 76 hatchback with the 2.3 four and a 4 speed. And yes it was a much better car then a Pinto. It was tighter more soild and would out handle one easily. Then my Dad had a 77 Cobra II which we hopped up to roughly 300 hp. with a set of early 302 4v heads, headers, a cam, And an Edelbrock Street Master Intake and a Carter 650 AFB, full duals with Thrush straight throughs. It was also a very nice car. But as nice, comfy, good handling, blah blah blah. They Just didn't feel like a Mustang! There is something to be said for the brute raw feeling that we all crave. Sometimes it's hard to define. But we sure as hell know it when we plant our ass in the seat and it throws us back into the seat. And the only thing that comes to mind. Is Get in, Sit down, Shut up, and Hang on! Thats the feeling! Unfortunetly the II's never made you feel that way. JTS 71 Mach1

PS they felt "to european", to upity. Kinda puts you in mind of this new show are you Faster then a Redneck. JTS

Wow, my high school girlfriend had one of those with t-tops. It was bright competition yellow and loaded with all the options.

I have never seen one since.

Cool collectible ill bet.

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