Mustang Starts 2011 Sales Race In Second Place

The Mustang has started out the muscle car sales drag race for 2011 in second place. In January 2011, Ford sold 3,615 Mustangs, with the Chevy Camaro besting the pony at 4763 copies. The Dodge Challenger sold 2526 units, putting it in third place.

The race will continue to be a hard run in 2011 with the Camaro convertible soon coming to market and a higher powered Z-28 model planned for late this year. These sales numbers for the Mustang are curious given the infusion of all new power trains for the 2011 model year that made the Mustang not only competitive in power, but superior in performance.

Buyers however are often wooed by what’s new. The Camaro enjoys a fresh spot in the race with looks that haven’t been cast as dated yet and has been the top star in some Hollywood films like Transformers. The Mustang while it got a substantial refresh in 2010, still carries the silhouette of the car that has been for sale since 2005. And Chevrolet has been able to sell all these Camaro’s with little marketing expense.

While the Dodge Challenger sales were up almost 50% compared to January of last year, it still lags far behind both the Mustang and Camaro. Challenger gets a new 3.6L Pentastar V6 with 305 hp and a new 6.4L Hemi in the SRT8 models this year. But the Challenger is still a substantially larger and more expensive car than both the Mustang and Camaro, almost putting it into a separate class.
Interesting info.

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