Painting matte finish & regular shiny finish help needed
Ok so please help me. I am going to paint my hood in the boss hood syle of being mostly blacked out. My question is there is a small stripe of body color around the blackout area. Did Ford originally just have the whole hood matted out even the main body color stripe on the hood ? With todays base coat clear coat paints it seems it would be difficult to have a shiny ( main body color stripe on hood be shiny ) and the blackout area be matte ? to me if you were using a single stage urathane it would be easy to make the matte portion matte and the tiny body color portion be shiny But is that correct to how Ford did it ? any help would be appreciated. I have seen several cars Both boss and mach 1's whose blackout areas were done in a shiny high gloss finish and that is INCORRECT and I dont think looks very good. Please advise me.
Thanks for any help here
I had my 72 hood blacked out as a temporary fix called HotRod Black.

More Info - Mach 1 Hood Blackout - Hood Stripe Info from 64 to 73



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