Well the accounts I spoke about removing is complete. In total I removed 56 accounts. So the current registered members is accurate at least as far as all current members have made one post!

Additionally I moved all Site Changes & Announcements to the bottom section under Site Announcements - Archive

Over the next few weeks I will be doing some subtle changes to the site. Thanks everyone for your support, I love that you are all here! Jam
Thanks for all you do! Lots of great information and content here!

I just wish things would move a little faster - as many Mach 1 owners as there are out there, I would've thought there would be more traffic.

Thanks again, Man!
Appreciate the kind words! I love the Ford mustang, anything I can do to help the people with the same interest Im all for it!

Traffic is actually doing pretty good Mach 1 Club had its best month ever. Keep in mind lots of cars guys are clueless about computers.


Im glad you do what you do for your sites.And whole heartedly agree with your opinion to delete none active members to keep the site alive.Keep up the good work.Signthankspin SSig_agreed
Thanks! You wouldn't believe the things going on with the internet lately, our servers are constantly under hacking attack. All I can tell everyone is be very careful online, now they are trying to hijack your ip addresses.

I removed 10 more accounts that either were not verified or whom didnt post a message within 7 days of registering.

Mach1Club will not pump up its member numbers. We want people that want to be here, not people who are only lookie lou's.
5 more zero post accounts removed today.

i don't get why people waste there time to register for a site when they don't want to be part of it.

Anyway the removals will continue. If you register and if you don't make 1 post your account will be removed after 7 days.
Not to be in defence of dead beats. I think it could be due to something interesting, an article, an offer, or something that catches there eye. Then it turns out to be something they weren't interested in. Or possibly they forget. (cause they didn't save it to favorites) Then they can't figure out how to get back. Sorrydontknow OR they are just dead beats that need shot at sunrise! Take your pick! JTS 71 Mach1 A+++ on the Job you do!
5 more accounts removed today. For anyone that reads this if you cant access your acct its because it was 7 days from registration without 1 post. This will continue. If you want to be part of this website all it takes is one post after registration to keep your account. For the scammer's I have a good idea of who's real and who's not.
Clueless (when it comes to computers) that would be me.

I have not been able to access Mach 1 Club for about a week and have really had issues Wow

I tried all three computers in the house so I chalked it up to my server here in Mexico. Tonight it came back up. I am happy Laughing

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