Auto Industry Groups File Suit Against E15 Fuel

Whether you realize this or not, the fuel you’re putting in your car (assuming you live in the United States) is likely to be a blend of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. Originally concocted to oxygenate fuel when MTBE was found to be hazardous, this E10 blend has been in use for years. The very fact that you don’t know you’re burning ethanol with your gasoline is a good thing; while some drivers report a slightly compromised fuel economy, most drivers report no issues at all. Bumping the ethanol content up to 15% should also be OK, right?

Not so fast, says a coalition of auto and powersport industry groups, who filed suit against the EPA on Monday. While E10 may not be harmful to boat engines, lawn equipment and automobiles, there haven’t been enough conclusive studies done on E15 to verify its effect on engines and fuel delivery systems. The group alleges that the EPA has not done enough to ensure that E15 is safe in cars manufactured prior to 2007, and further alleges that the EPA issue a “partial waiver” and deem E15 safe for new cars only. It’s not just the engine manufacturers who oppose E15, but also the gasoline retailers. No one knows if the E15 blend is safe to store in existing underground tanks, or if the blend will increase the potential for tank leakage. Additionally, many gasoline retailers operate a single tank for regular gas, one for premium and one for diesel. Adding an E15 blend, approved for 2007 and newer cars only, would require them to add an additional storage tank, a cost no one wants to bear.

What’s behind the EPA’s push to increase the ethanol content in fuel? Is it to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, or to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and cut pollution? As the New York Times reports, it’s nothing that grand. There’s simply a surplus of ethanol, and Congress is under pressure from lobbyists to reduce inventories. Sounds like the tail wagging the dog to me.
Just another way the Government decides to push it's bull%$#@ on us. They deem it a good thing, for there own reasons / agenda, and with out opposition it would slip right through. Thanks to the swift eyes of these guys! We may be able to dodge this bullet.
JTS 71 Mach1:Naughty
SCo_hmmthink SSig_agreed
The ill advised decision to subsidize the production of ethanol was made by the US government many years ago. It resulted in the creation of a new industry involving farmers, refiners, delivery, and point of sale stations. The fact is grain based ethanol production is not economically viable without the subsidies. The government now knows this. However, since a lot of money, and votes, are now involved politicians do not want to admit a mistake has been made and take action to correct it. Instead they use federal agencies to prop up poor past decisions and do it under the now politically correct banners of being green and reducing dependancy on foreign oil. You can do something about. Vote with you money. Go to every gas station and ask them if their gas has ethanol in it. When they answer yes, tell them you are not going to purchase gasoline with ethanol in it and leave. It won't take long until one station gets smart and gets 100% gas and advertises it as such. His sales go up, others go down. More stations get smart etc., etc.. This is not speculation on my part. This is exactly what we did in our town about two years ago and it worked. There is not one station in Mustang, Oklahoma that sells gas with ethanol in it.

Just a thought,
Im not real big on ethynol but I do run it in my daily driver.A 2000 blazer.However not in my 1977 f250,my lawn mowers,weedeater etc... and definetly not my older cars either.The stuff has ill affects on carburators.and I dont run it in the winter because my fuel economy drops drastically.SCo_hmmthinkSCo_hmmthink
So Im with you guys on this.

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