At What Price Do You Start Worrying About The Cost Of Gasoline?

I filled up twice today. Once (AM) for my daughter's Ranger and then in the (PM) for our Toyota. In the AM I paid $3.62 a gallon and then in the PM paid $3.56 a gallon.

The U.S. / Australian exchange rate is U.S $1.00 to AUD $ 1.104. That would equate then to an Australian cost for my above purchases of AUD $ 1.055 a litre for the AM and AUD $ 1.038 a litre for the PM.

In Steve O's above post where he made a purchase of AUD$ 20.39 of 11.93 litres at $1.709 would equate to the U.S. at U.S. $18.47 for 3.15 gallons at U.S. $5.863 a gallon or U.S. $1.548 a litre.

If Steve O was to make the above purchase here in the U.S. in the AM he would have paid U.S. $.956 a litre and the total cost would have been U.S. $11.41

Had he purchased his fuel in Australia at U.S. prices but with the AUD $ his cost would have been AUD $ 1.055 a litre and his total AUD $ cost would have been $12.59! Steve O could have pocketed AUD $ 7.80 on a 3.15 gallon purchase!
Are you trying to confuse everybody Steven Biggrin
No - but I think that is how it turned out.

Let me clarify: Gasoline is expensive in the U.S. but Steve O is really being robbed!
Todays price............$1.669 for the 91 octane so add another 10 - 20 cents/litre for 95 or 98 octane. Doh Sadcry Angry1
Super unleaded is about 3.90 a gallon in Phoenix. When I was in Cali last week it was about 50 cents more per gallon for Super Unleaded.
Well lets see the gas prices went up IN Virginia and they are around 3.60 for regular 3.80 to 3.90 for premium depending on the store....
i can comfortably handle up to 5 a gallon before i park the mach .... but thats just me and my military pay but not to be frivolous or anything..
i really enjoy driving my mach so irreguardless i will still drive it no matter the gas prices my truck on the other hand parked at 4.00 for regular cost too much to fill the entire tank
So we are paying around $6.35 a gallon for the lowest octane rating (not including the E10) if I did my maths right Angry
I stopped looking at the price I just fill it and swipe my card. I'm going to buy it anyway so the price is irrelevant. I started driving when gas was about 40 cents a gal. I remember saying if it ever hit a dollar a gal. I'd quit driving well it blew past a dollar in a blink of an eye and now I've just decided I'm not going to even look at the price. As I'm writing this gas has gone to a ten year low and I'm enjoying 2.38 per gal. and I've read that it could hit 2.00 or lower in the coming months. Eusa_dance
I made a trip from Arkansas to Illinois to visit my son and his family. On the way up, in a small town of Rantoul Il. (Rantoul Air Force Base) We paid $1.69/ gallon for 87 octane and 4 days later on the return trip we bought it for $1.63 / gallon at the same Exxon station. I love the prices, 23_30_106 I just hope they stay down. I would like to be able to go places without dreading, wether or not I can afford enough fuel to get home! Pray JTS 71 Mach1
When it gets to AU$2.00 / ltr I will cry more. But I'll keep driving them all! 23_30_106 What a mug I am. BTW the ex Saudi Oil Export Minister said 'The Stone Age came to an end but it wasn't because they ran out of stones. So to will the oil age'. So I guess we will always have fuel for our older cars.

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