What kind of car did you grow up in?
(05-13-2011, 01:37 PM)Mach 1 Club Wrote: Cool Story Steven! Missed this when first posted. We need more pictures here, I know you guys got some old Polaroids you can scan! Bringit

Ha ha! Those old Polaroids fade over time, but your right, I do have some good 35MM and Instamatic pictures I should scan into the computer. Maybe on some rainey day!!
Saw this 49 Chevy pickup at a car show Sat. It is the same, except color, as Dad's that I learned to drive in.
When my dad first went to Africa in 1950 his church in Iowa bought him a new 1950 Chevy to take out there. He had that truck till after I was born although I do not remember it. I don't have any of my dad's old slides yet but will have to post when I do.

Any other interesting stories and pictures out there to share?
1960 Rambler American fortunately there are no pictures, :-)
I had the privalige of several cars , The first I remember was my dad's old Packard , seems like he was always working on it , then he bought a brand new 1956 ford wagon , we had that untill 1960, dad traded it for a 1949 chevy pk up and an older buick , I learned to drive in that old Pk Up , I was ten yrs old and back then no body bothered you . But of course where we lived at the time was in a very small town in the middle of no where , I actualy live just a few miles from that very town now.
Though it has not grown in population , it does swell in the summmer time to about 3 times it's normal amount. It's a resort town right on
Lake Superior. Great place to raise a family.
Jezz cars were so much simplilar back then , hardly any amneities , only a horn , lights , turn signal and a floor starter. There was so much room in the engine bay you could almost get inside and stand on the ground .
We had to replace the engine one time and from removing one engine to starting the other one it took 4 hrs total and out the garage we drive.
All we needed for wrenchs was a 3/8" , 7/16" , 1/2" and a 9/16"
Just found this thread!

The first car my family had was a (new) 1957 Morris Minor 2 door. In 1959 my dad replaced it with a new wagon version. My sister and I both learnt to drive in it (4 on the floor - crash first). My 93yo mother still has that car - still driven by my sister - never crashed.
My first car was a Vauxhall Cresta (PA).
My dad had a few cars while I was growing up but my fondest memories are of his 1963 Fairlane and his 1969 LTD. My mom had a 1967 Fairlane 500 convertible. We were a Ford family.

Learned to drive on a 63 Chevy 3 on the tree
First sports car I remember was new 86 IROC z28 red t top

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64 Plymouth Valiant, 66 Rambler station wagon, 71 Plymouth Duster. The Duster had a trunk that produced the most incredible bass response with Jensen Tri-axial speakers and a Pioneer Super-tuner cassette player. I remember blasting Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" when it first came out while going to "Saint Blue Duster Church" (I'd drive around for an hour instead of going to church each week). That was a religious experience for me.

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