In an effort to have an accurate and productive website for Mach 1 enthusiasts we require at least one post on your account to keep it active.

If you register on our website and do not make at least one post your account will be removed.

Sorry for any incovenience but this accomplishes 2 things
1. It keeps our membership numbers true.
2. It reserves the user names for members that want that name and members that will be active users!
For the spammers that just join this site to send a link to there website that has absolutely nothing to do with Mustangs I will be removing those signatures and websites linking to them.

So basically your wasting your time registering here if that is all your intending to do. I watch very closely every registration.

If you are linking to a Mustang website or even a car website in general you are totally fine, we actually encourage that!

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