Auto Brochures and more! Pretty cool site!

Sometimes you stumble across a site that’s an absolute gold mine of information, here’s one of those sites: <---- Love To Accelerate Rockxtreme

What do they have? How about hundreds of car brochures, dating back as far as the turn of the century. Automotive marketing has come a long way since the 1908 Ford Model T brochure, but not much has changed since GM tried to highlight the quality of their cars back in 1967. It seems that GM is still using build quality to sell their products.


Just in case you get bored looking through the hundreds of pages of car brochures (and I probably would, in a few months Laughing), there’s an entire section on miscellaneous brochures to read. Want to check out a 1927 Indian Motorcycle brochure? It’s up there, as is an Esquire magazine preview of the 1936 cars. Classic gasoline and auto parts advertising is there, too, which brings back a boatload of memories for me. Check out the old B.F. Goodrich tire ads, from back in the day when tire companies spent serious money on glossy marketing campaigns, complete with suitable-for-framing posters.


Nothing is for sale here.
The intention behind this site is for enthusiasts and restorers to find useful and original factory documentation.

nice tip thanks
I love this stuff I started a collection years ago. It's great to see the cars when they were new and unrestored or modified.

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