Do You Have a Man Cave?

The man cave – it’s been with us since the beginning of time. Those that possess them are revered by those that want them. They are the getaway from the perils of everyday life and a sanctuary for their owners when things go south. The man cave is the one place on earth where the modern human man can go and do manly things. It’s a place for drinking, eating, watching sports, porn, wrenching on cars, tearing ass, playing cards, belching, cleaning the gun collection, building stuff and breaking stuff. The man cave is something every man should, at one point in their lives should possess.


The key to the modern man cave is of course the design. For instance if we could go out and build a man cave we would outfit it with as much car paraphernalia as we could find. We’d have dual car lifts, a massive tool chest, slop sink, parts washer, bead blaster, a 50-inch flat screen, beer fridge, kick ass stereo with satellite connectivity, heat and AC, a big comfy couch with a phone and cup holders built into it and most importantly, a lock on the door so no one else could get in. I have a few friends with man caves like this and for the most part they are more proud of these refuges than they are of their own children. They know that now they always have a place to go when the in-laws come to town, or when the kids friends come over to play. It’s their therapist and their home away from home that’s located right in their home. Perhaps one day I will be able to build my own man cave, but until that day comes I will simply have to be content with the man caves of others.

Great, now I’m all depressed… I think it’s time to go out and buy another lottery ticket.
I do to an extent I dont have Tv or a slop sink.But do have the lift and all the other amenities in it.Including a fireplace.72x30 its the size of my house on the main floor.Except it is another building.My detatched garge as the insurance co.calls it my has an office and a shop and another 2 car garage full of future projects.JamJamJam
not quite as elegant as that one but it is my go to place.
I tick most of the boxes. Just need a better finished floor.

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