My Ceiling Has Fallen!!Headliner repair.
The ceiling in the back of my Mach has fallen. To give you a good picture, the whole back piece no longer sticks to the roof of the car. The ceiling is now hanging about 1". I have tried spraying adhesive in between the actual ceiling and the roof itself. After a night of having support under the ceiling to let the adhesive dry, the next afternoon it had fallen back down. The actual fabric is still in perfect condition sticking to the ceiling. I am looking for suggestions please!! SCo_hmmthink
I thought about liquid nail...
Sorry, I can't help you with that one, but please post up how you resolve the problem!
Pictures might help?
Well the problem is that the foam under the material has deteriorated. all the extra adhesive won't help. You have to remove the head liner. to do that you have to remove the plastic windshield post covers they usually have screws in them. If they don't pull firmly about the center of the pillar with strong and steady pressure to remove the post cover from the clip it pushes into. Then remove the trim pieces along the interior above the window edge. and any other trim around the edge of the roof liner. Don't forget to remove the dome light. Pull the cover off and find the screws that secure it in place usually 2 of them. Once the headliner is out of the car lay it across a table or other flat surface big enough to allow you room to manuver the headliner. Pull the old cloth off, just peel it off if it's stubborn . Once it's removed rub your hand on the foam backing it wiil flake and disinegrate as you do this. Once the headliner board is all clean you will need new material. An upholstery shop, or sometimes even Wal Mart or a fabric store wiil carry it. You will also need 3M general spray adhesive. Auto Zone, Orielly's, Pep Boys etc. will carry it. Make sure the material will cover the headliner board completely even following the shape and contours. Follow the directions on the spray adhesive. Spray the adhesive as directed onto the headliner board then with help push the material down starting in the center and working to the outer edges similar to ironing a shirt, until you have it laid out smoothly. Reinstall and reattach all the trim pieces. If your not that mechanically inclined you should be able to find a shop willing to do it for around 100.00 bucks or so? not real sure about the cost anymore.
JTS71 Mach1 comes thru again! Bow
Thank you! I will look to see if I can find someone who may be able to do this for me before. Also I will try to get some pictures to give you a better visual.
(08-23-2010, 09:12 PM)LiquidSunshine Wrote: Thank you! I will look to see if I can find someone who may be able to do this for me before. Also I will try to get some pictures to give you a better visual.

That would be great this way if anyone in the future does a search for this on Google or any search engine then all the info would be provided here in this thread. Its all about helping Mustang people, specifically Mach 1 owners!
I couldn't of said it better myself!

I realize this is an old post but thought some of you would enjoy it anyway.This is not for the classics though.

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