Sorry guys been busy!
I have been extremely busy the past week. Trying to deal with a nephew that has decided that drugs are more important than anything else. We sort of knew this was the case for the past year but it finally came to a head with him being homeless at 22 years old. So Ive been working to get him somewhere where he will have rules to follow or he will be homeless, sort of a halfway house situation.

Also sold my 1980 TA Sadcry

Time just came for me to sell it and in this economy money was more important than having this TA. I did get 12500 for it so that's was great. Some guy flew in from Seattle and drove it home from Phoenix, or at least he's currently in route. Guy has bigger balls than I do, although the TA ran very well I have never driven it nearly 1200 miles in a few days, seems anything could happen driving a car 75-80 mph for hours at a time. Wish him well!

So that's what Ive been up to, just wanted to let the dedicated members know Ive not gone anywhere was just busy. Hopefully over the next week or 2 I will have a totally new look for the site.

I noticed you had disappeared; but I knew you would be back. Sorry about your nephew and the TA. How long did you own the TA?
Owned the TA since 99. The guy that bought it is having some issues since it is totally tuned for Arizona, we are below sea level here and he is heading to Seattle Washington. In Oregon now and its running rough. I warned the guy but he wanted a road trip!
I hope things improve for you . Your plate is getting a little full . C . L .
Also sorry about your nephew we all have a situation similar in our lives.My sons mom chose drugs over him at age 3.He is 18 now and she hasnt seen him since or paid any child support go figure.About the T/A must be tough to sell but money in hand is nice too.Carb issues I dont miss those.Glad your back and with God beside you all will work out.

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