front end noise
My 72 mach 1 makes a noise in the front passenge side I had it on a lift, noticed the lower control arm bushing was bad so I replaced the entire upper contol arm(lower ball joint and bushing) so I took it out for another test drive same noise so I replaced the upper ball joint but not the upper control arm bushing test drove again still the same noise the shocks appear to be ok, what else could be the problem?
Sounds like you covered the main parts. Do you have a Sway Bar? if so check the links and the bushings. What about wheel bearings? Do you have front disk brakes? If so it could be a pad moving around or caliper mounts.

Is the noise like a click or a clunk? When do you hear it?? Turning? Going stright??
The noise is a clunk like metal to metal only when driving straight I checked the bearing ok it has disk brakes It makes the noise when i travel over small bumps. If i go over a speed bump it does not make the noise.
I'd be looking closer at the Sway bar links and busings. If you are driving slow down the road and you move the steering wheel left and right quick would you hear the noise? Careful not to spin don't need to be driving very quick :)
My 73 Vert was making a clunking noise going over bumps and it turned out to be the front shock bushing. It was at the top of the shock, but not the visible rubber bushing, but the one just under shock mount. I know you said the shock looked OK but you may want to double check yours. Make sure you post up when you figure out what it is! Good luck.
Thanks for all of the great information. The disc brake caliper Insulator was bad,this part goes through the caliper locating pin and holds the caliper to the rotor. It is made of rubber so it wore out, this may be the cheapest part so far that I had to replace.
Good to hear it was something simple. Surprised you weren't hearing it when you hit the brakes.
I just did the right front disc brakes on my 73 vert and took some pictures. Here is a pic that shows the insulator bushing you are talking about. Maybe this week I can get around to the left front one!

[Image: DSCF8553.jpg]
Here Is A Suspension Link

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