My 1973 Wimbledon White Mustang Convertible Before, During, and After Paint!
Nice thread.

Great pictures of the whole process.

Someday I too will have the complete story to tell!
By the way, I LOVE the wheel covers. I've always liked that look. Are they 14" or 15" ? Great job on the restoration. A truly beautiful car!
(07-09-2012, 01:21 AM)keith1562 Wrote: By the way, I LOVE the wheel covers. I've always liked that look. Are they 14" or 15" ? Great job on the restoration. A truly beautiful car!

Thanks for the compliments! They are the 14" Sports Wheel covers, but I believe they were available in 15" also.

I actually changed the wheels over to the 1973 only style Aluminum Forged Wheels that were an option from Ford for the 73 Mustangs. The Magnum 500's were no longer offered in 73. The aluminum wheels give the car a whole new look and was hard for me to get use to after looking at the Sports Wheel Covers for so many years:


[Image: DSCF8167.jpg]


[Image: DSCF0814.jpg]

[Image: P4140118.jpg]

[Image: DSCF9278.jpg]
Looks like an awesome resto job! The lower body black out really makes The wimbleton white pop! I also love the wheel covers, very sharp and less common than magnum 500s. A very sharp car to be sure!!
Keith Eusa_dance
I was just going through the pic's you posted several years ago. You know the ones with the step by step refurbishing of your white
rag top. I couldn't help but notice that your car has my all time favorite wheel covers. You don't see them often, but they always , ,look great! I once read an article about a '69 or '70 Boss 302 that came with the 15" version of these. Needless to say it looked killer!!

I hope the weather gets nice soon, our Mustangs need to stretch their legs! LoL
your friend,
Keith S.
The car looks like it was restored to better new condition! I like the choice of rims and I am also a big fan of Wimbledon white with black accents. The car has the nice classic Mustang stance as well, I like it! Sorry to hear about the door but like you said that is a story for a different forum. Sometimes they get you where it hurts most!

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