Race Fuel or Storage Fuel
I don't drive my 69 Mach 1 much so I find myself draining and replacing the fuel before it goes bad.  In California our pump gas isn't very good so I mix Torco Accelerator to raise the octane from 91 for pump premium to about 94-95.  Works good but the Torco Accelerator doesn't stay mixed when sitting for long periods.

Torco makes a 94 octane unleaded storage fuel with no ethanol.  They claim it lasts 1 year in non vented tanks and 6 months in vented tanks.  They have many others including a 110 octane leaded fuel for hot rods.

My question:  Use the 94 octane unleaded storage fuel straight as is, or, use the 110 octane leaded fuel mixed 50/50 with 91 octane pump gas?  My motor had hard exhaust seats so I can use either leaded or unleaded fuel.  Anybody have any thoughts or experience with fuels like this?
The simple answer. Drive the Futchin Thing!!!!  Gears 

Now that I got that out of my system. Fuel is not that good anywhere. Case in point pour some on the ground, and by the time you can light a match, and throw it on the spot, and it won't even burn.  Todays gas is lousy at best. I would use the best most pure gas, with the highest octane. Additives are just that, and will usually separate upon standing very long. Stabil does a pretty good job, as we have lots of equipment at the school, that sets several months at a time. If it has Stabil in it. It will usually start without much trouble. Another trick I was known to do to my motorcycle, before Stabil came along was to put some 2 stroke oil in with the gas, and then run it till it got into the carbs. Next spring the bike would start, maybe smoke a little, but who cared as it was running, and at least I knew what was causing the blue smoke. LOL!   Thumbup

Just my thoughts. 

I'd love to drive it enough to not need to drain old fuel before it goes bad.  Between work and everything else, it's not easy to do.  Plus now during the summer we have  heat of 100+ degrees on the west coast.  I just don't like to drive it in those conditions.  Performance suffers a lot and it's very noticeable.  And our west coast pump gas is really bad compared to what the rest of the country gets.

Torco Race fuels has only a 23$ shipping charge because they are closest to me and also on the west coast.  They told me all of their non-oxygenated fuels have the same shelf life of 1 year.  I've use Race Fuel in the past when it was available locally and what a huge different it makes in the performance of the motor.  More noticeable power and just overall runs better.

Torco has a 94 octane and 100 octane I am considering.  The price for difference for a 5 gallon can is only a few dollars.  Which to try, I'm thinking the 100 octane?  The 94 octane should be okay but might be marginal with 10.7:1 CR and iron cylinder heads.
I'd just about bet the 94 would do just fine. An engine only needs just so much Octane, and anything over that is simply wasted dollars out the tail pipe. Try the 94 and see if the engine pings, make sure the timing is spot on, and go from there. If it doesn't show any signs of spark knock / detonation. I sure wouldn't worry about it. My 71 Mach1 was about 12 to 1 compression, Iron heads, with open chambers, and even on 89 Octane gas in the 80's it ran fine. Yes it liked the higher grades, (more performance) which I couldn't afford since it got 10 miles to a gallon, no matter how you drove it. It never had an issue with detonation. It had 11 and a 1/2, TRW pop up pistons, and the heads were shaved .030. The dome pistons could have had something to do with it not spark knocking? But who knows. All I can simply tell you, is it ran on 89 Octane, and never had a detonation problem. Hope it helps. 

I was leaning toward the 94 octane and going to order a 5 gallon can.  Since Torco Racing is also in CA ground shipping is only 2-days and about $15.

I'm tired of the residue the CA pump leaves on everything.  I clean the carb more than needed so I don't have any odd issues when I drive it, but, it's because of that residue.

I haven't been able to drive or work on the 69 Mach 1 or my 1956 F100 for a few months.  I caught COVID from my fully vaccinated parents and probably since I have Asthma, it left me with bi-lateral pneumonia (pneumonia in both lungs).  Still on antibiotics, prednisone (4th round) and using a nebulizer and emergency inhalers.  It was extremely bad and frightening at times, but, slowly getting better.  I lost about 20 lbs. as well which I didn't need to do.  I now feel great when sitting around and doing nothing.  But still get winded and short of breath quickly with heavy exertion.  After the 2nd round of antibiotics I felt great and my Dr. encouraged me to get vaccinated.  So I got my first round of the Moderna vaccine.  Two days after that I was sicker than ever before and recovery has been long and slow.  Now the story changed and my Dr. says to hold off and not get the second round of the vaccine.

Thanks for the input.
Please excuse my language But! FUCK THIS COVID SHIT!!!!!  I contracted it, about 2 weeks ago.(first week of school God only knows which kid gave it to me) And it was a predictable Flu except. Now I'm at day 12, and still feel crappy, and if I try to do something. Awe JEEEZZZZ! I should have stayed my butt on the couch! It won't Let Go! I've never had anything hang on like this. It's trying to mimic the energizer Bunny! It just keeps going and going!!! I'm used to being sick for 2 or 3 days then bouncing right back, and being fine. Not this be sick for a week, and now two, and can't even get up and push through it. This Shit Sucks!!!!
I feel for you man. As it's obvious your in a Damned if you Do, and Damned if you Don't! situation! You survive the Covid Shit! and then the Vaccine damn near kills you!  Pray Praying for you my friend! 

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

The current variant hangs on for a long time.  Many end up with some degree of pneumonia.  If you don't have any type of allergy/asthma issues you will do better.  
Gone are the days of the original COVID virus that basically felt like a flu for 2-weeks, then you were feeling fairly good again.

The Nebulizer machine which basically vaporizes a liquid form of the steroid that's in those emergency inhalers use to be available to anybody with bad allergies.  Now, at least in my area, you have to have COVID breathing symptoms to get one.

My sister works at a middle school.  She tells me all the adults do their best to stay away from the kids.  She say's the kids just don't understand it very well and get careless with cleaning hands, wearing masks, etc.  Even though, at the small school where she works, 14 kids have already contracted it in about a month.

I'll keep you in my prayers.

Take Care,
I'm the Transportation Director at our small school, (900 kids) We are a very small, tight knit group, and more like family then anything. I'm simply known as Mr. Jack to all the kids, and I got hugged by several dozen that first week, so no telling which one I got it from. And until now I sure wasn't going to deny a kid a hug when they run up and grab you, I may have to rethink that, as I'm sure that's how it happened. We'll see what next week brings, as Tuesday will be my first day back after 2 weeks off. I love all of them but I sure don't want this "Crap" a second time. May God watch over Both of Us! Amen.  Pray

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