Well I was wondering if anyone else out there had been bitten by this Corona Virus crap??? Well I got bit!

   Friday the 4th My Superintendent from the School picked me up, and gave me a 45 minute ride back to the School, after I had dropped a bus off for some A/C work. We talked about this virus crap, among other things. Well all was good. When we got back, he loaded up his Jet Ski. and took off for the Lake. That was Friday the 4th. Monday (Labor Day) he calls to inform me he has the Corona Virus! and since I was with him within 48 hours of when he developed symptoms. I have to quarantine for 14 days!!!! Talk about SUCKS! I got a instant vacation. Not exactly what I was hoping for, as there were several important things going on, that need my attention. Now I'm trying to coordinate everything from home. Over the damn phone. Not the best thing for getting anything done that's for dang sure. This is the end of the first week and the stir crazy is starting to kick in. It's heck realizing you can't run to the parts store, or gas station when you want to! ARRRGGGG! Well at least I'm getting some time to work on the Jacobra. Pics will soon follow. So how about it??? Has this "Corona Virus Bug" bitten anyone else.  Confused LOL!

Hate to say this, but when you were riding with your supervisor in the car you should have been wearing a mask. Then clean your hands as soon as possible after getting out of the car. I guess it's possible you can get it and be one with no symptoms then pass it on to somebody else. So two weeks will be easy to do.

What you are now experiencing is the new normal for many of us on the west coast.  I'm fortunate and work from a home office so my work hasn't been affected.  My wife has been working from a home office since the middle of last March.  We don't mind, it sure saves on commuting.  Out here many of us are very cautious and only run errands when absolutely needed.  There are still some that don't believe what has happened.  But that's not the norm at least in my area.  I haven't been to a parts store or hardware store since last March.  I mail order everything.  Then everything mail ordered immediately gets cleaned and hands washed again.  When we do go to a store we wear masks (they are required) and constantly wipe off our hands with Lysol wipes.  It is a pain which discourages going anywhere.
Oh God Yes we were wearing masks! I'm still of the mind this is a Influenza / Flu just another strain. As the 19 designation simply identifies the 19th strain of the Corona Virus. So some where along the line we have been exposed to 18 other strains of Corona Virus. Just as we were the Swine Flu, Sars, Mers, etc. And they were all supposed to kill us all too. I also believe it's been greatly exaggerated. As the regular Flu Kills People! Just like Corona does. It's just getting more publicity. Have you heard anyone say how many the regular Flu, has "Killed" this year??? You probably won't either. Just My Thoughts. 

I don't follow all the details.  My thoughts are it's much more serious than the flu.  But, many with it only get moderate symptoms and get through it.  One issue with it is that it is extremely contagious, lives on surfaces for quite a long time and can be transmitted through air.  I think how seriously it is taken partly depends on how bad the they live in was affected by it.

My area was hit pretty hard with it.  Initially we did great, low numbers of positive tests.  Then in the past couple of months as some of the restrictions slowly lifted the numbers of positive tests shot up drastically before kind of leveling off.
Yeah our area was very similar, we started out very low then as the restrictions eased and the the schools opened back up. We've seen a increase, not an explosion but definitely an increase. Most that get it (and I know quite a few of them) have basically described it as the Flu, but a lot more body aches. The ones that have died in our area, have all had some kind of other ailment, a contributing factor so to say. God help the ones that do get it. I wouldn't wish being sick on my worst enemy. 


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