That new/old Jeep smell
Well, I did NOT get it done the next weekend, because I learned that I was missing several key parts to the column, thanks to the previous owner taking things apart, not putting it back together, and losing those things.  After chasing down the parts, I worked on it some more.  This was from 13 March:

Despite all the bad news this weekend, I was able to get a few more things done on the steering column. Took it all apart and re-routed the shifter indicator bulb wire, and used the screws I picked up from the hardware store this morning to secure the signal switch (rather than some wood screws I’d found – much better). I was also able to find a good screw to fasten the signal stalk and even mounted up the shifter indicator, and learned that I need a different needle (indicator) since the original was broken off. Unfortunately, the SAE steering wheel nut needs to be ‘the metric one,’ and I’m still missing the tension spring for the locking plate, so I’ll get those ordered to hopefully be here by next weekend.

[Image: IMG_20220313_200906758_HDR.jpg?w=1024&ssl=1]

Almost back together. I’ll need to epoxy the shifter knob on, since it’s loose AF – no biggie, though.

[Image: IMG_20220313_201156331-rotated.jpg?w=768&ssl=1]

Here are the last bits that need to go in, including the steering wheel and adapter kit. The old indicator needle on the right is too short to be seen, and the one on the left is just the wrong one altogether. Oh well, live and learn.
I keep getting MyBB SQL errors every time I try to post a new entry to the thread.  For some reason I got lucky with the one above, but the next one I tried blew up.  It previewed just fine, but threw the MyBB SQL error again.  I'll do some research to figure out why it's not working, then catch this up.  I have 2 more posts showing new wheels & tires, and that I finally got the steering column back together and ready to go back in.
That's weird?  Might I ask what the heck is a BB SQL Error???? I never heard of that. While answering this I scrolled down to see what you had written to be sure I got the "error code" correct, and I see all the pics of the steering column rusty as can be and looking  pretty beat, even all the way back to the rusty, and then painted brake pedal assembly. So all the pics are there they just don't show up in your last 2 posts???? Weird.  Crazy

Hey Jack,

The forum software is called "MyBB" (My Bulletin Board, most likely).  It's the 'front end' interface for an SQL database that keeps all of the posts, pictures, and whatnot all straight.  I ran a version of it several years ago when I had my own webserver (I'm an IT guy, and did things like that to stay current - everything is 'in the cloud' these days, so having your own things at home running on your own gear like blogs, forums, bulletin boards, e-mail servers, et al, are just faster and easier to maintain with someone else keeping the servers running).

I meant that I need to make 2 more posts to go to get everything caught up (I frequent a few other places like this, and didn't have any issues posting the pics and narrative there).  I'll figure it out - probably just a formatting issue between the images and text.
Well that explains that. LOL. I have an IT guy at school who is real good, and he explains a lot of things to me, and is always a big help. I want to learn but I'm dangerous with a computer. The greatest thing I have learned about a computer is that it's a typewriter with a screen!  Laughing


Good Luck with the Yeep, er I mean Jeep!

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