Why I'm in Love with my car
Growing up in a small town our family didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out but we did have a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with a 428 CJ. It was the toughest looking car I had ever seen. It was the fastest car in town and my dad took on all challengers. I remember just walking around ,never touching it, in complete awe. Everyone in town knew the car and guys from other towns would come to challenge him. I thought we were rich because of that car lol. I used to say to him " I can't wait until I get my license so I can drive it" he would always reply " This car will be a bucket of rust and bolts by then" 40 years later and I finally have it. He sold the car in 1980 and every Sunday we would go down to the local drag strip to watch the new owner (my cousin) race her. We would watch the races all day and then go stop for an ice cream on the way home. He used to get so upset at my cousin because he couldn't drive her right! He wouldn't speed shift the car and my dad would say" If I could afford to put a clutch in it I would run her down the track myself!! You plant the pedal down and push with all of your might till your over the line ." He used to tell me so many stories and I even have an audio tape (he put a tape recorder in the trunk) of him going down the 1/4 mile. Man those Sundays were the best days of my childhood ! I remember in the winter we would go to his parents place where it was stored and we would both stand there staring at it and praying for winter to end so we could take her out for a spin. I know you're probably wondering "if he loved the car so much why the hell did he sell it?" Like I said he always had people coming to challenge him and one time he had to race someone when the roads were icy . He won the race but almost went off the road and it scared him. He said he never thought about death before but with two boys to raise he figured he would eventually end up being killed so he let her go. I used to promise him that before I die I would get that car back for him. My younger brother found and bought the car in 2013 and my father passed away in 2014 before we could finish the restoration. He was so happy that he would be able to drive her again but it never happened! My brother sold the car to me about a week ago!!  That car is like a time capsule for me and sometimes I just sit in her and cry. Guess i'm getting old and sentimental! The car is priceless to me and you would have to pry it from my cold dead fingers to get it from me. Anyways thanks for your time!!
Cool  Now that's a great story. We all realize our mortality somewhere along the line. Some sooner then others. I always thought I was ten foot tall, and bullet proof! Fortunately The Lord above, has allowed me to live my life that way, and I've escaped death several times, and have some battle scars to prove it. But as long as I'm above ground, (61 years old) I'll still push anything I've got to it's limits, I'm just a little more careful about where, and when. LOL!
Yes the Lord is great!! We are all just stewards of his property!
Amen! Pray

Thanks for sharing. That is awesome you were able to get his car back! Drink_to_that
(04-27-2020, 10:55 PM)BLACK JADE 69 Wrote: Thanks for sharing. That is awesome you were able to get his car back! Drink_to_that
Yes sir!!!

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