69 s code trying to use hooker 6114 headers
Hi, I am once again pulling the 390 out for some more upgrades and this time i would like to install my supercomp hookers, i have thought about it before but ground clearance looked to low. My question is has anyone done this with success and if so how did it turn out? Was there any clearance? Please let me know, i really would like to do this. Thanks, Bill
I think if your car has factory power steering, that will create more issues than ground clearance.  The power steering ram needs to be lowered with a drop bracket.  If you use a cheap bracket that the header mfg's sell, the increased leverage will either tear the frame or rip the threaded nuts out of the frame.  A better, but extremely expensive bracket is sold by West Coast Classic Cougars.  For these hard to fit Ford applications, many people use JBA Headers or if you have a large budget for headers, Ford Powertrain Applications.


[Image: 1557447024_z.jpg]
I added the Borgeson steering upgrade on my 70 best things I ever did, it doesn't leak, whine and is smooth as butter  Thumbup
(02-05-2020, 10:28 AM)Mach 1 Club Wrote: I added the Borgeson steering upgrade on my 70 best things I ever did, it doesn't leak, whine and is smooth as butter  Thumbup

You are fortunate.  My Borgeson power steering box leaks at the seam where the input shaft housing bolts to the box.  Plus, it created a lot of fitment issues with stock clutch linkage.  The power assist works fine.  Actually too much assist.  I had to use a pressure regulator kit Borgeson offers to reduce the pump pressure a little.  I could go on with issues created by installing it, but, I'll stop here.

All in all, if the leak gets worse, or any other issues with it arise, it's coming off and going back to the stock steering box without power assist.

Borgeson power steering boxes interfere with a lot of headers.  There are a few headers out there that specifically state they work with a Borgeson power steering box. I wouldn't advise it in a big block car unless the headers are for a Borgeson power steering box.
Why didn't you send it back? Borgeson stands behind the product. Mines been in the car for almost a year and so far its been great. It definitely is a little to smooth with the steering but it beats the hell out of a crappy power assist studdering at low speeds making it worthless, this new system is true power steering not assisted.
TriY headers are required, it says it on the site.
Mine has been installed almost two years.  It started leaking after the 90 day return period through Summit Racing.  I called Borgeson and they said ship it to us and we'll repair it.  It has a 3 year warranty.  But, I would have to pay the shipping.  I'm in California and Borgeson is in New Jersey.

Aside from the easy effort steering, overall I'm not happy with it.  As with most aftermarket "upgrades" it solves one issue but creates several others.
I hear ya works great for me, I would have sent that bitch back. None of the stock stuff I could get at the parts store would work, I went through 3 pumps and all 3 leaked. If it wasn't the pump, the hoses were a bitch to get with the right psi. and the steering boxes from parts stores are laughable
But you don't like it, not trying to convince you, take care.  

I have to agree, parts store rebuilt items for these older cars are terrible.  That's the last source I use.

As far as the original steering boxes, new gears are not available.  If you have a steering box with badly worn sector or worm gears, rebuilding it is pointless.  You have to find a source that focuses on Fords of this era with a surplus of used OEM parts.  Since I no longer have a local source, I find myself using Perogie Enterprises when I need good used OEM or rebuilt OEM parts.

For hoses, when they were available from Ford, they worked fine.  Now, the best option are hoses made by the original mfg, concourse correct, made from original tooling, etc.  Parts store hoses typically do not fit good enough to not cause issues.

I agree, the original power steering on these cars never worked very well.  But parts store rebuilt replacement items will only make it worse.

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