Mach 1 Hood Blackout - Hood Stripe Info from 64 to 73
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Narrow portion of the stripe, for the '69 pinstripe, is 3/32-1/8" wide. Not detailed in drawing. Also it stops about 1/8"-3/16" from the end of the hood and doesn't start on the cowl for about the same distance.
The hood/cowl black out is Mercedes flat black, Sherwin Williams Ultra 1, U-12739. It is suppose to be better, won't water spot, you can get wax on it and wipe it off, it won't leave a white film on the black.



The NASA-scooped hood is a staple of the '71-'73 Mustang crowd. As with red paint on a car, this type of hood has been placed on more cars per capita than those that originally came with it. Who can blame the owners? The hood is quite cool-looking and adds muscular flare to an otherwise fleet-if somewhat mundane-Pony.

But sadly, accurate information on the black-painted hood has been minimal. This has caused many to end up with Mustangs that sport oddly applied or highly glossy topcoats. The blackout, according to Bob Perkins, was put on the car via a template after the paint was completed.

Our blackout was pulled from an all-original-paint '73 Mach 1. The blackout is what we would term typical. That is not to say that there might have been some variation in length or semigloss. Overall we think that the stripes are spot-on for what Ford did. The black paint was-according to the '71 literature-a two-tone finish in black or argent. Our hood-which was painted by Jeff Thompson at Micheal's Auto Body in Winter Haven, Florida-still had the blacked-out inner panel when we found it, but more on that later.


These articles are awesome! I have a 2008 GT that I am "retroing" for a mach one look. It has the factory hood scoop that came on the GT appearance package. and I would like to ask a question of you all that have had a black 70 Mach 1. Does the flat black hood stripes stand out greately on your vehicle or did it come with a white stripe kit? What is your thoughts on "black on black"?
Well although I dont have a black Mach, it would seem to me that the decals being more of a flat black would have a small contrast. If it was mine I wouldnt do it black on black, sort of defeats the purpose of having an accent stripe. But hook it up I would like to see what it looks like! Rockxtreme
The 2003/2004 factory black Mach 1's came with the flat black stripes. Very hard to see/notice unless your are looking for them. I guess if you want to have the sleeper look they are fine!

By the way, on the way home from work today a late model S197 GT passed by me that had been retroed for a Mach 1 look. It was a White body with black Mach 1 style stripes. He had added the shaker through the hood, had Mach 1 stripes down the side and louvers on the back glass. Looked sharp, although pretty dirty from all the melting snow on the road. Of course I was driving my old mini-van due to the weather, but it would have been neat if I had been in my white Mach 1! Good luck with your project.
I think that the sleeper look wasn't what I was thinking but a more subdued look. I am not sure about the flat black may be a mat finish would be better or just a darker grey color. Thanks for your help guys
Great article, I have been looking for the dimensions of some of those stripes. I just picked up an OEM Nasa hood for my 72. I need to get it painted and I don't know to go with the Boss look or the Mach one look. :-/
Laurel mountain mustang has the stencil template for your 71-73 hood for $50. Alot of info on 71-73 on this site.
A lot of 71-73 owners don't realize that when you blackout the hood there needs to be a black fade painted in to the unerside so you do not see the body color while driving down the road. If you click on their paint section it gives exact details on what types of paint how to mix more than I could explain. That is of course if you are gunnin for the true stock look of your ride. Just my 2 cents.
Hot Rod black was what I used on my 72 Mach 1. As you can see I painted the whole hood until I repainted the whole car again.
The one thing I did notice with this color is not to buff it, it will become slightly shiny if you do, doesn't look bad but will have more of a sheen to it than non buffed.

Joe that is an excellent article to have in our archives. I miss seeing your Mach 1 used as an example of various points.
I miss it as well. Ill have another one someday, but it will be a 69-70 and it will already be restored.

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