Master Cylinder Rebuild
Took the Stang to PepBoys for some new tires and they told me my master cylinder was shot. They quoted me $500 to which I replied Rofl and said I would do it myself.

Now I am in the process of actually backing up what I said SCo_hmmthink

I am hesitant to touch anything brake-line related, especially the MC but also am not into the idea of paying $500 for a process I know could be done at home with the right know-how.

Basically what I am asking here is if any of you guys have attempted this and if so do you retrospectively think it is a home garage project or should I swallow my pride and shell out the money to PepBoys?

Definetly tell the Pep Boys! to Take a long walk off a short pier! I can tell you how to do it your self, if you have any mechanical ability at all! And to tell you it would cost $500.00 is just ridiculous. A rebuilt master cylinder shouldn't cost more then about $35.00 (just a guess). First may I ask the symptom's to make sure thats what you really need? If while holding solid pressure on the brake pedal, does it slowly starts to go to the floor. If so then they are probably correct it is the master cylinder. But be sure you check at each wheel to be sure you don't have a leak which could produce similar symptoms, until you run out of fluid and then you would not have much brakes left, only one half, front or rear. I'm an ASE certified Technician so I can definetly help.Wave
JTS 71 Mach1

MC replacement is definitly something you can tackle at home. Just make sure you have the right tools. The Mach 1 Forum community can help you along. First do the inspection that JTS71 refers too and fix the right problem. If you do end up replacing the MC do a bench bleeding first and don't forget to get penetrating oil to soak your bleeders a couple of hours before you get started. Those darn things can make the job allot bigger if they are siezed and end up breaking. Go for it and keep us posted.
500 bucks you should be able to replace all the brakes and mc for that.keep us posted I as well am ase certified and it sounds like they are short of work in the shop.Thats what those shops do get you in for tires and try to sell you a new car 1 piece at a time.If the master is bad a reman usually comes w/ bench bleed kit and instructions.Most parts houses are pretty informative as well.SSig_agreed

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