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5.3 L V12 - JTS71 Mach1 - 06-21-2018

Hey Guys, I have the V12 and trans out of the Parts Car,(89 Jaguar XJS) I bought for the Jacobra. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks 


RE: 5.3 L V12 - Oztrailer - 06-21-2018

M1FF might be. A bit hard to pick it up though  Laughing

RE: 5.3 L V12 - JTS71 Mach1 - 06-22-2018

Yeah I'd just bet putting it on a boat would be an expensive Idea. 


RE: 5.3 L V12 - Steven Harris - 06-29-2018

Probably a bit heavy for my suitcase on my next trip!

I didn't know that the V-12 was a 5.3 Litre  (320+- cubic inch).

RE: 5.3 L V12 - JTS71 Mach1 - 06-30-2018

It's listed as 326 C I D.

 When I drove that first XJS back in 79, it was way faster then another guy, that worked there's 67 Vette, that had a 327, and a 4 speed. It was faster, handled better, looked better, and I was bitten! Thus my Love of the Jag!


RE: 5.3 L V12 - Steven Harris - 07-13-2018

So how is the progress?

RE: 5.3 L V12 - JTS71 Mach1 - 07-14-2018

Well it's been a little slow. I've had a lot of cleanup to do this summer, as after several years of collecting cars, parts, motorcycles, atv's and junk. It takes a while to sort through the good, and the bad. Confused Then I bought the XJS parts car, and had to sort through that.  Crazy Now to the "Good" stuff. I started the surgery on the Jacobra, cutting open the sides of the engine compartment towards the rear. I now have enough room for the heads, and the shorty headers,---- Won"t Fit! Huh  The steering shaft hits dead square in the middle of the collector, so I thought I'll just drop the steering rack, and move it to the left. Yeah Bad Idea!!! Sadcry  I realized that maybe, just maybe. Those dagum engineers might have earned there keep. Cause I quickly realized after cutting the mounts, and relocating the rack. It screwed up all kinds of geometrical things, and since I wasn't any good at Algee's Bra. I better put it back where it came from.  So, I can't find anyone who messes with the Ford 460 anymore, to try a set of long tubes or??? So I put the stock manifolds on it, and they will work. The steering shaft just clears, I may need to use a double U joint which should give me plenty of clearance. The only problem is they won't flow very well. Ford had some Police Interceptor / Cobra Jet  cast iron manifolds. Which are considerably better and sweep back further back which will cure the steering shaft issue completely. Unfortunately I can't find a set that they don't think were dipped in solid gold. "Thank You Barrett Jackson". Now a cast Iron manifold that 30 to 40 years ago, we chucked into the scrap pile, and put headers on. Now the suckers are damn near priceless!   Notallthere  I found a set listed on Craigslist, so I call the guy. Who tells me "they're not for sale". I asked him then what the heck did he list them on Craigslist for??? Anybody got a set they don't want my first born for???  The part numbers are D 1or2 ZE - 9431 -CA - 2  and  9430 - A, for the other side. Any help would be appreciated as always. In one of the pictures you can see some of the burnt wires under the dash.



RE: 5.3 L V12 - Steven Harris - 07-14-2018

I remember those days of putting bigger motors where they were not suppose to go!

It looks like you are sorting it out.

Sorry, no 460 exhaust manifolds laying around.

Thanks for the update though.  Keep us posted!

RE: 5.3 L V12 - Oztrailer - 07-14-2018

I want to say something but not sure what to say? You guys who take on these projects are amazing. Cut a bit here, weld a bit there.................. Laughing

RE: 5.3 L V12 - JTS71 Mach1 - 07-15-2018

Yeah when all done it will look darn near factory, as I'll close it up and make it look pretty. Thanks for the encouraging words. As I have asked myself several times, Why 'am I doing this ???? Because I can !